A new year, a newsletter and a blog link

Robert Stikmanz looks into the lens, 1/9/2019.

2018 did not seem to close so much as collapse. There are not many years of which so broad a consensus is happy to see pass, but January was received by many people with open arms as “has to be better than what just ended.” Oh, that eternal springing hope! Let us each put a shoulder to preserving it.

As with the world at large, December in the Stikmantic realm was a dance to avoid being overwhelmed. Funds were few and emotions weltered. Holiday-fueled, continent-wide consumer spending failed to translate into sale of a single Stikmantica title either through the Market on this site or any other retailer. Disappointing at first, by month’s end the lack brought clarity. Why does Stikmantica exist in the first place? Because the output of Robert Stikmanz neither categorizes neatly nor exercises mass appeal. An obvious resolution for the new year is to decouple wishful thinking about either of those two facts from local notions of success. And so we have.

A couple of new “Musings” were posted on robertstikmanz.com last month; however, the most recent reached rough draft in the old year, but was revised and posted on January 1. A link to that entry is HERE.

For perhaps the third month in a row, the Stikmantica newsletter made it out to the world in timely fashion. The new issue reports progress of the ancient Dvarsh oracle, Nod’s Way, due for completion sometime in 2019. Check back for a specific date, but enjoy status updates now. A link to the newsletter is HERE.

Heads up! Alert! Please note! There will be no order fulfillment from the Market on stikmantica.com between January 24 and February 12, 2019, inclusive. If you want author-signed copies soon, you must act fast. Orders placed by January 23rd will ship on the 24th. Orders placed later will ship after February 12. To reach the Market, either click the navigation link at the head of the page or click HERE.

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