Stikmantica is a vehicle exclusively for the works of Robert Stikmanz and invited authors, artists or other creative professionals. At once a publishing and production company, the scope of expressive media covered by Robert’s ambition is limited only by time and material constraints. Against all advice, direction of travel remains against the current.

In 2011, Robert Stikmanz organized the commercial entity, Confabule LLC, to promote his expressive works and those by allied imaginations. After a number of interesting experiments aimed at engaging literary and artistic markets in atypical ways, time arrived for reorganization and a new initiative. In September 2014, Stikmantica was born and this site went public as its official home a short time later.

In November 2017, Stikmanz was acknowledged for his Dvarsh work with a “Best Creator of a New Language” critic’s pick in the Austin Chronicle’s “Best of Austin 2017” awards. For more information about Robert Stikmanz, please visit robertstikmanz.com.

Tools are at hand to do yourself what is being done here.



  1. Thank you so much for sending me some a lovely set! This is Stephanie Bram’s friend. I would love to send I’m you one of my decks. Feel free to send me your address!

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