April 2017 newsletter slides in on time

A weathered veteran on an April day near San Marcos, Texas. Photo by R. Stikmanz.

From day one, a mostly uncooperative April just kept elapsing without its newsletter coming together. Pleas fell on deaf ears as the cruelest month earned its epithet. The program itself teetered on the lip of perturbation when one of those spring days with magical light rose up to knock the month off its treadmill. Astonishing to report, April took a day off to go fishing. It posted a couple of selfies from along the Pedernales, looking very relaxed and Botticellian under the first blush of a tan. Thankfully, the latest edition of Stikmantica newsletter finally assembled during the month’s day off, bursting out to its mailing list with forty-eight hours to spare. Discussion centers on practical matters affecting evolution of the Dvarsh language. Read it here.

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