April newsletter, Robert’s blog & another thing!

From page 29 of DVARSH, AN INTRODUCTION, image capture by Nancy Salay.

April closes with two links to many words, and through the words to other worlds. If you are fortunate enough to have more reliable internet service than we boast here at HQ, link one will take you in a trice to the current Stikmantica newsletter. Its main article discusses the personal value of Dvarsh in dollar terms, while an announcement about the Robert Stikmanz workshop, “Inventing a Language,” occupies the sidebar. Access by clicking HERE.

Link two is a magic carpet that travels to a brand new blog entry, “Prelude to a Revision,” on robertstikmanz.com. Peeking under the carapace of the history, mystery and current status of preparations for version four of Prelude to a Change of Mind, the entry takes one behind the curtain for chatter about aspects of writing process. To go there, click HERE.

While clicking around this virtual province, consider a visit to the Market right HERE on stikmantica.com. Remember, every dollar you spend on Dvarsh, An Introduction or associated products is another dollar diverted from the fructose-fraught latte economy. Great flags of freedom fly above the independent press!

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