As June packs its bags

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Price Increases

Promised price increases started rolling out last week. The final increases should take effect in the week to come. Staggered increases were not in the original plan, but due to user clumsiness with the printing service’s repricing instrument, the plan adapted. Although privacy concerns prevent naming the clumsy user, this business only counts one warm body among its assets. There’s not much wiggle in that inference.

Prices have risen. The books remain priceless.

Please remember that your purchase is the best possible support for the world of Habdvarsha. Visit Stikmantica’s Bookshop affiliate store, or order Stikmantica publications through your favorite retailer. No time like the present!


June saw a new Musings column by Robert Stikmanz, although not the column mentioned in the last update. That piece continues to evolve. Per the economy of guilt that follows incompletion, this new column buys another month to finish. In the meantime, “Family Story: Dogged Wishing” offers a short memoir of young Robert lost in place at age eleven.

Wishing you peace, love, justice and comfortable shoes!

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