August Roundup

Habdvarsha's origin story returns to print in an all new version,. Now in paperback from Stikmantica.

This month the newsletter went early, Robert’s blog came late and Prelude to a Change of Mind, the Author’s Edition arrived exactly on time.

The August Stikmantica newsletter includes details of events coming up in early September, a note on Nod’s Way, and announcement of the novel officially released today. Find the link here.

Robert’s latest “Musing” talks about a sudden change of gears, tabling work on an ebook for a few weeks in order to solidify Stikmantic accomplishments. Find the link here.

Finally, Prelude to a Change of Mind, the Author’s Edition has entered the world! The official, intergalactic release is this very day. You could order it through your favorite retailer, or you could favor this retailer by ordering directly from the Stikmantica Market. Find a link here.

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