Check out the exuberant October newsletter

The dice symbols from Nod's Way have been incorporated into Dvarsh Book, the font currently at center of Stikmantic activity. The Daystar outline on the left shows construction of its font glyph, while the solid image on the right shows how the character will print.

Some developments in the area of Dvarsh font construction may be described in overly heroic terms, so read with salt at hand when you check out the October Stikmantica newsletter. The only excuse is that I undertook a project at which I did not know I could succeed, that sometimes it looked like I would not, but now it looks like I might. Key, as so often, was realizing that while the sum of all steps was complicated, no part was actually complex. Once it was clear the difficulties were intracranial, anxiety began to relent and the labor turned earnestly fun. Composing the newsletter just happened at a particularly bubbly moment. Read it with a grain of salt and a dash of indulgence. The news is real and the work continues.