Dvarsh Workbook is now in the Market!

DVARSH, AN INTRODUCTION and its companion, DVARSH WORKBOOK, are both in the Stikmantica market.

Expanding access to a basic Dvarsh skill set, Dvarsh Workbook, Beginning Exercises for the Extraordinary Student, by Robert Stikmanz, is available now in the Market on this very website. The workbook began as a series of simple drills for the author’s personal use, because, odd though it may seem, claiming to have invented a language often leads others to assume one will actually know something about it. A bite-sized course of 60 pages covering simple verb tenses in both conjugations, reading and translation practice, and a vocabulary of just over 250 words, Dvarsh Workbook, Beginning Exercises for the Extraordinary Student provides a foundation equally sound for the scholar of fictional peoples and the traveler in imaginary worlds. There are even three pages of “Useful Phrases” for the ease and convenience of the casual tourist!

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