February newsletter

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Here’s a link to the February Stikmantica newsletter.

One announcement in this issue is for Staple!, the indie media expo now in its twelfth year, unfolding this very weekend at the Marchesa Hall and Theater. The short paragraph conveying that news mentions four friends I look forward to seeing at the event—and you should plan to attend so that you can look forward to them, too!—but it doesn’t mention a past Stapler unable to exhibit this time around. Kim Beauchemin Scoulios was all set to claim a table when her day job put her on the night shift. Da Man done miffed her participation. This is a huge shame, because (besides one more strike against da Man) Kim is (a) a remarkable person, (b) excellent company, (c) the brilliant artist/writer behind the Nancy Nebula comic books, and (d) a pal. It was actually Kim who gave me the idea to self-interview for the current edition of the newsletter. You won’t see her at Staple! this weekend, but you can still explore the work of Kim Beauchemin Scoulios by clicking this link to her website. Tell her that Robert sent you.


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