Item, completed

Ink, pencil and colored pencil on paper.

Newsletter time has rolled around again, although without much news rolling in with it. I am working semi-diligently on the Dvarsh typeface, with great progress on the first font—but there is not yet a publicly meaningful result to show. The story in progress, “The Seven Jewel Bird,” continues to draw a steady share of my attention, and, happily, continues to improve—but it is not yet ready for a reader. On the face of it, and despite regular application of elbow grease, reportable news this month was on track to largely echo news reported last month. This circumstance could not stand! So, over the past week, alongside story and font, I have doodled out a drawing, “Red Sky at Morning,” which one may see here, and shall certainly see again in the newsletter. Now that a finished drawing makes the world new and everything different, I find tiny puddles of inspiration for new takes on imaginative labors here at HQ. Perhaps this weekend will produce a fresh newsletter after all.

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