July fans the heat with newsletter and blog

The state of a piece of the cover immediately before pausing for supper, 07/30/018. Nothing yet is set in stone. Click on the image to see more, but not all.

Summer on the thirtieth parallel unfolds with its own experience of time. Dismissing wrought voices shouting our heroism for living in a place that has always been hot as it keeps getting hotter does not change the wisdom of shade and passivity. Clocks in the season measure passage by sweat and evaporation. Civilization here will collapse with the disappearance of air conditioning and ice makers.

Words get kind of drifty, too, although that may be just local effect. No grand announcements are in order, but focus here at Stikmanz Intergalactic HQ has shifted from rewriting the text of Prelude to a Change of Mind to cover design and illustration. The latter can pull all of headspace toward quiet. From intermittent mind, phrases do slip the wordless gaps to organize thoughts and updates. There is new typing! Be of good cheer.

For a link to the July Stikmantica newsletter click here. Leap to the latest musings in Robert’s blog here. Get yourself a heaping helping of Dvarsh here.

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