Late in May, when ideas play

The May Stikmantica newsletter has escaped into the world. Comment on progress of the Dvarsh poem, Dzadefve oa Charls’m, leads into a request for feedback on postcard design. There is also a short note on the Mighty Scion, official transportation for the entire Habdvarsha universe. As you read, note a subscription link in the right column. Quick and easy, it will place you on the list of privileged recipients and never share your personal information with anyone. Read the issue HERE.

“Déjà nu all over again” is the latest Musings column by Robert Stikmanz. It’s a short piece this time out, because sometimes intersections of artist and society require few words. Read it HERE.

Remember, of several ways to support Stikmantica, buying books tops the list. All Stikmantica titles are available for order through any book retailer, but our Bookshop affiliate store puts more in our pocket than any other. Find it HERE.

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