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To the unknown person or persons who bought four copies of each Stikmantica title, thank you! May those books find fertile homes.

The notification of sale came during a dark moment, bringing light and earning double gratitude. You bought books and delivered hope. May that come back to you a hundredfold.

Leave a tip

Here at Robert Stikmanz HQ, a twentieth century mindset tends to hide today’s horizons. Change can be slow. Stikmantica remains a publisher committed to selling books, but one trying hard to adapt and adopt other means of support. If you look to the right of this post, immediately beneath the link to Bookshop, you’ll find new buttons for Ko-fi and Buy Me a Coffee. This step away from tit-for-tat merchandising is pregnant with possibility. More on that below. Right this minute, please help keep Stikmantica alive for as little as the price of a coffee.

Several of you have already clicked those buttons. Besides the individual thanks sent through the platforms, here again, thank you.

Future perks are brewing

The latest Musings column (read it HERE) talks a little about Ko-fi and Buy Me a Coffee as tip jars, and floats an idea for giving something back in return for support. One evolving idea centers on a pre-release gift of a coming novelette by Robert Stikmanz. This has a lot of appeal. It prompts a faster finish for something almost done, and promises first access to generous hearts. Stay tuned to see what new tricks old dogs may learn.

Please, buy books

While perks for supporters take shape, please don’t lose sight of the Bookshop link. Stikmantica’s catalog of titles still sits at the core of its mission, and the Stikmantica store on Bookshop is still the absolute best way to vote your confidence. If not for your own shelf, keep in mind that books make the very best gifts. The season for those is upon us.

Write a review

Bookshop is the best vote, but not the only one. Maybe even a coffee is not in the cards right now. One assist that takes only minutes is writing a review. It doesn’t have to be much. In fact, fewer words can make a bigger shout. Five stars and a simple “This book is great!” go a long way toward boosting ratings. Higher ratings mean more presence. More presence means all kinds of good, and that’s true whether you post the review on your favorite retail site, on Goodreads, BookWyrm or wherever!

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