Looking back and forward

The December Stikmantica newsletter reports on the progress of Dzadefve oa Charls’m (The Song of Worlds), plus new drawings and the newsletter itself. Read it HERE.

Dzadefve oa Charls’m is a long poem that narrates the story of the Dvarsh from their origin to their exile from the human world. This is the first book-length work in the Dvarsh language that will be presented with no English translation. Its development is the current top project at Stikmantica HQ.

“Farewell to a Plague Year” is the final “Musings” column of 2020 by Robert Stikmanz. Read it HERE.

One effect of this year was to chop down already modest book sales to almost zero. As of this post, the total for the past twelve months stands at one book. There isn’t much time to lift that number before December 31st, but opportunity is wide open to kick off 2021 with a grand start. All current Robert Stikmanz titles are available for purchase in the Stikmantica affiliate shop at bookshop.org. These are, without question, books like no others. Your purchase supports an entire universe!