March 2016: the newsletter

This image does not appear in the March newsletter.

Link to the March Stikmantica newsletter here.

The image featured above does not appear in the March newsletter. It is, however, an object of attention in the Stikmantic workshops. The black background is a Dvarsh zero, eemo, overprinted in red with dzut!, the Dvarsh all-purpose, come-as-you-are exclamation/incantation/ejaculation/invocation of wonder, awe or burgeoning joy. All characters are from the Dvarsh Bold typeface under development by a crack typographic design team sequestered somewhere in the lower reaches of Stikmanz Intergalactic HQ. The team is lobbying hard for production of this image as a specimen decal, stark on clear plastic. Visualize dozens of them covering the rear window of your smoking chariot. If you squint, the future may be easier to see.

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