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A set of three Nod’s Way oracle dice, with drawstring dice bag and pocket reference card.

The central artifact of dvarsh culture, Nod’s Way, or Hidden Dragon, is an ancient wisdom book that is at once a divination tool and a guide for living. It is the basis for the dvarsh calendar, and contains tracks of an unexplained, eldritch numerology still to be decyphered. As a companion to the novels of the cycle, Nod’s Way is a divination game, a dice oracle for play and meditation.

The oracle is consulted using special dice: two identical octahedrons (D8s) featuring four moon phases and four star symbols, and a single cube (D6) with images on only two sides. The basic response to a cast of the dice is determined by the combination of symbols showing on the two octahedrons. Together these reflect one of thirty-six possible auspices with each cast. If the cube shows a blank side it has no bearing, but if it shows one of its two symbols, a ring and a bar, it indicates an additional element to consider.

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