DVARSH: Nod’s Way, the Author’s Edition


Stikmantica presents the ancient dice oracle of the Dvarsh in a completely new realization. Bilingual in Dvarsh and English.

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Robert Stikmanz has created an entirely new version of the dice oracle integral to his fictional world.


The ancient oracle, Nod’s Way, is key to the culture of Habdvarsha. For this Author’s Edition, Stikmanz took the book to its foundation and built text, graphics and setting anew. The complete oracle appears in a clear, bilingual presentation of English and the invented language, Dvarsh.


Revered among the Dvarsh people for its practical inspiration, Nod’s Way is also their instrument for divination. Traditionally consulted with special dice, its purpose is not to predict the future, but to aid thinking about the present.


Nod’s Way, the Author’s Edition:

• a dice oracle for divination play

• a puzzle with countless solutions

• an interactive poem organized by chance

• a work bilingual in English and Dvarsh

• a love song to the planet


One set of Nod’s Way oracle dice ships with each copy of Nod’s Way, the Author’s Edition purchased through the Stikmantica Market. Additional sets are available separately.


Nod’s Way sample pages:



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