Newsletter again. This time: February

Generally translated as "student," in Dvarsh usage the word, moj'trasha, denotes one actively learning.

Imagine a small corporation under the totalitarian control of Père Ubu, who in turn is controlled by Mère Ubu, his much smarter wife. Imagine Père Ubu claims to have discovered a formula for The Elixir of Life, and assembled a band of sorcerers and alchemists upon whom Père and Mère Ubu feed like neural ticks. Imagine that under Père Ubu’s regime the only thing this corporation ever produces—no matter what the sorcerers and alchemists try—is vinegar. Vinegar of several interesting, exploitable qualities, but which Père Ubu will not admit is vinegar. Imagine that Père Ubu purges anyone and everyone who questions the composition of his Elixir. Better yet, don’t imagine any of that. Clink HERE instead and read the February Stikmantica newsletter.

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