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In a time of change

As noted in the newsletter, Stikmantica is now an affiliate of This means purchases using the links in our affiliate STORE both support independent, brick-and-mortar booksellers and pay Stikmantica a commission. All Stikmantica titles can still be ordered through any retailer, online or otherwise. Purchases through just bring us more cash while supporting local culture. This is part of Stikmantica’s move away from direct sales of books; however, the Market here will reopen for sales of dice in the next day or so.

A whole raft of low-visibility updates to Stikmantica titles and administration were recently completed. All titles, for instance, have been corrected, and five reduced in price. Intermittent website updates are coming.  Intermittent because Robert has promised himself more time for original creation. He’ll share those results, too. Check back often!

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