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One of a series of promotional images posted on social media over recent weeks.

The best estimate based on experiential Stikmantic evidence suggests $1.00 in sales equals something more than 100,000 social media “like” clicks. Granted, the promo team here at HQ has little aptitude for promotion. No fingers of blame point outside the house. That doesn’t soften the fact that social media has not yet been a productive tool for this business of imagination. Only one post of the current season has actually prompted visitors to this island in the web, and that was a link to my “Musings” column, “Hope on the wall,” about artwork by an Austin artist/Stikmantical friend. In case you missed the post on Fleecebook or Twittage, here is a LINK straight from here to that story.

The Stikmantica newsletter cannot be tied directly to any commerce, either. Still, it was a nice pause, taking stock and reporting to friends. One important advisory concerned change of the newsletter sending address slated for January. Progress on the Dvarsh oracle, Nod’s Way, fills most of the main column. Alas, none of the market links in the lovely, slender column on the right have yet been clicked. Changing that and reading the update are both still possible by dancing to action with this LINK.

Should you find yourself in a hurry, with no time for updates and musings, but in the throws of a compulsion to acquire author-signed works of Robert Stikmanz, click “Market” at the head of this page, or take an inline run at this LINK.

From all the personality subroutines at Stikmantica, best wishes for a fulfilling holiday season and a bountiful new year!

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