Not according to plan

Café Patrimonio, Juan Paullier 1294, Montevideo.

March, that is. Definitely not according to plan. Important stuff has happened, though not what I imagined was going to be important.


The month started with a malware attack on A couple hundred infected files were introduced, apparently during a theme update through WordPress that I did not request. The task of clearing the infection foiled every DIY solution offered by support at the hosting service until only a paid professional option was left. It was not in the budget, but we don’t get to pick these moments. For reasons I do not understand, it took two weeks to remove the files.

Water factors

At the same time, the hot water in this apartment failed. The landlord, when notified, directed me to arrange and pay for repair up front, and then send him the receipt so he can adjust next month’s rent. It was not in the budget, but we don’t get to pick these moments.

More water below, not yet under the bridge.

Decisive factors

A week after spending a couple hundred bucks to have my website professionally disinfected and “hardened,” malware again invaded, again apparently through WordPress. Instead of messing with it any more, I have abandoned the site. Effective immediately, requests for redirect to If your address book still includes an email address with a robertstikmanz domain, please delete it. Addresses for domain stikmantica are unaffected.

Email summary — stikmantica: Keep / robertstikmanz: Delete

Eliminating hosting for a separate robertstikmanz website is a big step toward sustainable web presence. It probably should have gone before now.

Musings continue

On the former “News” page — exactly where you are now — has been retitled “Musings.” It will veer unsystematically between informative updates as in the past and the kinds of stories and whatnot I was developing on the now defunct site.

And another thing

A day after the second malware attack, the hot water failed again. It’s cold showers, campers, until after the first. The orthodontist’s call about a fourth attempt to install an implant is overdue. Three failed tries have been uncomfortable. My taxes are not yet filed. I’m pretty sure I have an ear infection. This has not been the March I set out to have. Only two poems and two drawings to show so far, but some of that is laziness.

Wishing you peace, love, justice & comfortable shoes!