November newsletter, Musings & comment on poetry in an unspoken tongue

Discovery of fifteen year old video lost on the shelves of the homeplex has renewed the debate about time travel.

Mainly yesterday got away as attention kept slipping over the border into Habdvarsha. Nice stretches of productive time passed with poetical texts from Nod’s Way getting more prepped by the minute. The Dvarsh characters taking shape one after another grew hypnotically satisfying, which is why all day long I intended any minute to pause long enough to post a link to the latest Stikmantica newsletter, but have only now done it. A link to the newsletter is HERE.

Relative to times past, the resident author has been a blogging fool. Count four new “Musings” in under a month. A link to the most recent is HERE.

A single-minded march toward production of the November newsletter led to omissions. Among them was mention of the “Donate” buttons now in the right column of each of the websites. Your generous support in any amount helps sustain the ongoing elaboration of this imaginary world, and buy groceries.

‘Tis the season when generosity finds a corner in all our thoughts, and shopping for gifts throws its shadow into every action. A perfect, one-stop shop for the belovedly bent mentions on your list waits here on Stikmantica. Visit the Market today.


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