October shrift

This was the keyboard plan for Dvarsh Book and Bold before generation of the first font began. Reality required modification of both the characters and keyboard layout. Even so, it was a tidy pre-visualization. Click on the image for a full view.

Like September before it, the first two thirds of October have seen a great deal of organizational work, project cleanup, pacing, fretting, and trying to spy out the future. A few odd gaps in the mix actually saw happy stints of productive creativity. Around HQ, the month is rushing to a close with preparations for Stikmantica’s table at the Texas Book Festival, October 27 & 28. Details about the event went out last night in the newsletter.

A link to the October Stikmantica newsletter and its varied contents is HERE.

There is a link to the most recent blog entry of Robert’s “Musings” in the newsletter, but a direct link for those impatiently curious is HERE. This installment offers a longish confession about what Robert was up to when he wrote the book on Dvarsh.

While on the subject of books, now is a great time to recall that gifting season fast approaches. In case you were unaware, there are no finer books to give than the uniquely wonderful titles from Stikmantica. See for yourself by clicking HERE.

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