October’s update

One of the stranger months in a strange year by any measure, October pulls to a close none too early. Before we shake its dust from our sandals, here are links to activity from Stikmantica and Robert Stikmanz.

Despite storm and stress in the world at large, there was an October Stikmantica newsletter. Read it (and subscribe) HERE.

“Musings” and its author were under the weather for much of the month. That got in the way of completely original new columns, but a couple Robert Stikmanz posts retrieved from social networks were brought home to freshen the nest.

  • Read “Family Story” HERE.
  • Read “A Poem from the Past” HERE.

As traditional gift-giving season approaches, please remember that authorized works of Robert Stikmanz are published only by Stikmantica. We strongly encourage purchase through the Stikmantica affiliate shop on Bookshop.org, but that is not exclusive. Stikmantica titles can be ordered through any online or brick-and-mortar bookseller.

Deck the halls with Dvarsh this winter!

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