Picking up the challenge to scribble

Larval Muses Develop Near a Peg. Pencil, colored pencil & ink on paper

After failing to take time in October to fill even a page in the doodle book, I was doubly in need of scribble therapy in advance of the November Stikmantica newsletter. One purpose of doodle book drawings is to let my hands wander freely while I ponder something else. At least, that was the initial intent. Practice on the ground ends up with a head full of both whatever seemingly intractable matter artistic or moral conscience pushes forward, and the life of the doodle. A happy result is that I often come up with solutions and workarounds that I, at least, find surprising.  These drawings (so far) have been faux-representational abstractions that emanate threads of story as the images take shape. In the tool chest of my imaginarium, they are fence-hopping shortcuts to fresh connections. More importantly, these doodles are play, and a way to add color to the newsletter. This month’s drawing emerged from the blankest slate possible. I grabbed paper and pencil, and began excavating shapes with no idea where the journey might lead.

Be sure to follow the link to read the November newsletter.

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