Progress update: current state of the cover for ROSE MOON & DEATH ON THE TOILET print edition

An image of the not yet finished cover for the print edition of Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet

Dear ones, here’s a visual update on development of the Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet print edition, coming soon (let us hope) from Stikmantica. In the struggle for hours to actually work on the works, I often forget to share progress with you inquiring minds. I’m afraid the original plan for a cloth-bound collectible hardback broke apart on the shoals of financial possibility. Plan B moved into production, aiming for a simple trade paper edition. Click on the image for a fuller picture. Please note that at this point the text on the back is still just dummied in for position. I hope to have an instrument for pre-ordering set up in the Market within the week, so please check back. There are still a few details to nail down before getting a hard quote on which to base pricing. Quietly, and much more slowly than I wish, everything moves forward.

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