Radar Talk Intimate podcast

Robert Stikmanz and François Pointeau show a serious side. Photo by François Pointeau.

Brand new today, episode #36 of the Radar Talk Intimate podcast features a conversation between Robert Stikmanz and host François Pointeau. Forewarned is forearmed, so click on the link knowing that Robert and François are longtime friends. Their talk ranges over how poetry and prose differ, the rationale behind rewriting old works, and the place of Dvarsh language and culture in Robert’s lifework.

The description on the Radar Talk Intimate homepage explains, “Host François Pointeau talks with authors, poets, dreamers, leaders, and creatives of all stripes about what makes them tick.” What the description leaves out is that François is himself an accomplished poet and author currently putting together a Kickstarter campaign to underwrite production of his new collection of poems, Songs of the Rollin Chateau.

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