ROSE MOON & DEATH ON THE TOILET, fiction by Robert Stikmanz

Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet, ISBN 978-0983813743. In the Market on this very website.

I got busy working on another story and forgot to shout at you, “THE BOOK HAS BEEN RELEASED!” The very first title from the Stikmantica imprint, Rose Moon & Death on the Toilet, can now be purchased through your favorite bookseller (ISBN 978-0983813743), or get an author signed copy as part of a special package from the market here at Stikmantica. Together in this volume are my two extant stories of Bigger MacGregor. The novella, Rose Moon, weaves psychedelic realism, gear down ethic and Sumerian myth into a sexy, inventive tale in which nothing is as it seems. Fifty years later, “Death on the Toilet” finds Bigger again in a preternatural fix, this time drafted very much against his will to substitute for an unexpected guest. Rose Moon is the type specimen of gear down erotica. Both stories are first rate examples of Stikmantic voice. Buy early! Buy often!

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