The Last September Light

autumn sumac

August came and went with much going on, but a news update here was not among them. September was all set to slide by with the same oversight. We caught ourselves thinking about an early night, and a Stikmantica update took top billing as a reason the pillow must wait.

Despite the lack of updates here, things have been happening—and other avenues have shared the news. Both August and September saw issues of the Stikmantica newsletter:

  • Read the August issue HERE.
  • Read the September issue HERE.

There are also new posts on the “Musings” column by Robert Stikmanz:

Finally, in the neverending story, all Stikmantica titles can be ordered through any retailer, online or brick-and-mortar. For our buck (and two cents), the best retailer is our affiliate store at Purchases through help support brick-and-mortar stores. Purchases through our affiliate store on the site also pay us a little more than those through any other vendor. Give it a look, and give the world of Robert Stikmanz a try.

NOTE IF YOU ARE A RETAILER: Lightning Source, the print-on-demand service through which Stikmantica produces its titles, is a division of Ingram, the preeminent book distributor in the U.S. Retailers with an Ingram account can order books by Robert Stikmanz at wholesale prices. Just a thought for ye olde stockers of online stores.

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