Tipping point

A poem that sings in a tongue no one speaks from a past that may have been.

The Song of Worlds (Dzadefve Oa Charls’m) saw release in August. An account of origins—of both the Dvarsh and their invisible realm—this book-length poem from Robert Stikmanz is presented in the Dvarsh invented language without English translation. Visually arresting and authentically unique, the new title takes its place as part three of the ambitious experiment Stikmanz calls Habdvarsha. Order it HERE.

The August edition of the Stikmantica newsletter discusses the new release, as well as a change in direction for the whole Stikmantica enterprise. Read it HERE.

In the midst of change, Robert made time to return to drawing, and time also to talk about that in a “Musings” column. Read it HERE.

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