Tracks through the turning year

The most recent Stikmantica newsletter talks about releases of The Song of Worlds and a new version of Nod’s Way, the Author’s Edition. It also mentions the author’s relocation, which is still in progress. Read it HERE.

There is more on that relocation in “Mothership Connection,” the latest Musings column by Robert Stikmanz. Read it HERE.

An unexpected uptick in purchases of books by Stikmanz has gladdened every subroutine that competes in his head. Sales have not been limited to The Song of Worlds, which is especially heartening. As noted elsewhere, the four titles pictured at the head of this update together comprise a single fiction. They mix literary experiment, conceptual art and role play in different degrees, and each is also an artist’s book compelling in its visual beauty. Word seems to be seeping out. If there is a downside to the sales it is a small one. Most purchases seem to have been through a certain massively ubiquitous alternative, but several have been through Stikmantica’s Bookshop affiliate store. This is wonderful, as sales through the affiliate store give this small, quixotic project its highest return. Unfortunately, Bookshop sets a minimum amount for payout to a publisher. Purchases so far have not quite reached halfway to that mark. Right this minute inaccessible dollars teasingly wait. Purchase of these titles from any retailer is fantastic. A purchase through the affiliate store supports independent booksellers and puts Stikmantica a step closer to claiming the cash it has already earned. Consider it HERE.