Drawing the blinds?

Ideas for what comes next already have a place at the table.

This website is going away. It remains intact only for orderly redirection.

The previous Musings post sketches some of the pressure leading to this decision. No new malware infections have breached defenses since then; however, in the wake of “hardening” my account against infection, the hosting service has repeatedly blocked my access because my IP address looks shady. This makes administering the website more than a simple headache. Add looming renewal expenses, zero evidence that a website has raised my profile an iota, and a preference for spending productive time more on imagineering than site maintenance, and you have a strong argument for chucking the ballast.

Stikmantica continues and I continue to create. The books remain in print, at least for now. All my domain registrations continue, both in defense of those properties and in case some day a resurrected presence makes sense. I’ll keep my personal stikmantica email IF the IP block can be overcome. Such social media as I have tolerated will still be tolerated, and the Ko-fi and Buy Me a Coffee profiles survive. If there is interest, I would consider a newsletter— perhaps slanted more toward essay or reminiscence than in the past.

All those cards are in play. This website, though, is going away, “like a stone on the water.” Chapters must end so new ones may open. Stikmantica turns a page.

Wishing you peace, love, justice and comfortable shoes!