Market, dice & books

Oracle dice ready to roll.

The Market is open

A slow chain of website updates and improvements has started. Reactivation of Stikmantica’s Market was first, and the Market is open. Nod’s Way oracle dice are again available for purchase, the Dvarsh Book font is still offered for free, and links are provided for Stikmantica’s affiliated Bookshop and ebook vendors. Change remains in the works. Look for more art on display in coming weeks.

Availability of books

Recent outreach has stressed as a retail source for printed copies of books by Robert Stikmanz. It is certainly not the only one. Stikmantica is an affiliate of, which carries significant benefit, but any Stikmantica title can be ordered through any retail bookseller—online or brick-&-mortar.

Stikmantica books are also available wholesale through Ingram, the major book distributor. The print-on-demand service that produces the books, Lightning Source, is a division of Ingram, and wholesale orders can be placed for Stikmantica titles just as for any other book. If you choose to stock Nod’s Way in your con booth or online store, let me know how many you acquire and I’ll donate a set of oracle dice to go with each one.

Newsletter & blog

The July issue of the newsletter shifts its lens back toward the creative side. Read it HERE.

New “Musings” posts have occupied bandwidth over the past month. The most recent, “Weigh in motion,” is HERE.

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