Rose Moon in June, a newsletter & more

The sound booth in a closet manifests again, configured here for closeted zoukination.

The full moon of June 27th was the Rose Moon, just one of several Stikmantically important phenomena during the month. The moon followed not long after tazl ashena, Lazy Day, another holiday of the Dvarsh calendar, which fell, as it does most years, on June 23rd. The name, Lazy Day, explains it all, including why management never got around to posting about it in advance. May slack be yours.

June saw these unsteady hands make two blog posts, a 100% increase in output over prior months. The first, “Pygmalion Days,” accreted as Stikmanz worked to clarify vision of one of his oldest characters by finally sketching her portrait. The second, “Two Days at Greater Austin Comic Con,” is what one may suppose the pros will call memento. Warning: the account is biased and sentimental.

Finally, with the ribbon in sight but hours still to run, Robert Robert Bo-bobert pulled another newsletter out of a hat. Not a very deep hat, but it’s the end of June in south central Texas. Too hot for the fish to bother jumping, and the cotton rattles in the wind. Experts advise seeking shade, adding ice to your glass, and checking out Stikmantica news here.

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